Welcome SCE families,


We are very fortunate to have one of the best school systems in our state, and our school is frequently recognized as an outstanding school.


We know that great schools are made even better by an active and involved parent.  Our PTO works well because of the dedication of our volunteers. If you have not helped us before, or are new to Shades Cahaba, I encourage you to find a way to volunteer with us.


We have plenty of groups or activities which need a few helping hands this year, and we welcome any variety of assistance.  We will send links to sign ups for activities throughout the year through our PTO website. Please consider helping this way. If you don’t see a good fit for your time-or you aren’t sure where to start- please feel free to contact me and I can find a way for you to give back to our school. 


Erin Donohoo






Upcoming Events